The Power of NO

You know those moments where the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? One of mine happened when I learnt about how powerful word NO is. It changed everything. I didn’t know I was always trying to please people. I didn’t even realise I was accepting behaviour towards me that was simply not good enough,

I think of NO as the guard of who I am and who I want to be as a person.

Saying No can be expression of values – and I have found it brings more respect and even loyalty then you would expect.

  • Saying No to more work because I value the quality and focus I am able to put to my work.
  • Saying NO to relationships or behaviours that are hurtful or don’t value the same thing
  • Saying No to things that are not aligned with my best version of myself.

Saying NO to what is not for you is a first step, so you can say YES to things that are right for you.

Sometimes saying NO based on values means refusing great things, that simply are not right for you at that moment.

It feels empowering. Good NO has an energy of protection and even forges the path for those things that are needed and perfect.

This is something I have often struggled with – the desire to do it all, have it all, try it all.

All good things, great events, great locations, great gigs. I used to hay the idea that I have to let good things go.

Now, I value most my ability to stay in the moment, stay present, stay balanced. If there is too much on my plate, I stretch myself too far, or things are not quite aligned with who I am – I am bound to lose myself. That’s never worth it.

What are you going to say NO to this week?

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