Every Day practice – Root to Rise

Every day, I look for a connection to the Earth and to the Sky.

Many of us, airy, creative types can live with our heads in the clouds, but the true presence and peace needs both the Earth and the Sky.

Energy reaching up through your spine and your crown, and energy rooting down through your 1st chakra and your feet.

When you have a moment today, look at your feet. Take your shoes off. Press your feet down to the Earth, let each toe connect and feel the support. Find your toes, ankles, bones of your legs. Root, bounce a little, reach down with your intention and feel the Earth support you.

Then, from that rebound of energy, allow yourself to rise and reach with your palms and with your crown, to the sky.

Notice how you are allowing your body to naturally expand. With more support, you can carry yourself with more ease and presence.

Every day is a better, when you have the Earth and Sky to support you.

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