Full Body Trust Program

Reach for a fuller life.
Embodied and Powerful

Launching soon,

Step into your full body trust

This program is unlike anything you have done before.
Whole brain approach

To really make changes in our lives, we need to work with both your conscious and unconscious part of your brain that controls instincts and emotions. 

Not working with these unconscious parts of your personality is the reason why most diets & lifestyle changes fails. 

When working with me, we will use the power of our emotional brains to get you results you want.

Nourishment & Self Care

This program flips on it’s head the usual fitness or diet advice. In fact 90% of diets and dieters fail. Restriction simply doesn’t work long term.

Focusing on self care, self nourishment and self trust, we make long term changes achievable and easy. We will use visualisation, meditation and movement to train yourself to trust and care for yourself.

Long-term support

This program is based on proven change management methodologies designed to implement changes for long-term benefits.

This program has an intensive 3 months component to kick-start changes in your life and implement powerful habits and tools. 

After 3 months, you will move into the integration mode- but will continue to be supported for long-term benefits.

The journey

You are unique. Unprecedented. Unrepeatable.

"Tara Judelle"

This is a quote from one of my dear teachers and it is at heart of how I work with my students and clients.

The work and results we will do together will be different and unique for each one of my clients. However, here are my key principles.

Full Body Trust

Explore your body and mind and watch yourself bloom into the magnetic, radiant yourself that you are.

Radical Self Care

Daily self care is a priority. You will be done with controlling your body through diet or exercise - you will learn to nurture and move your body as a natural expression of your wellness.

Self Confidence

Inner mindset work done together with gentle movement will change the way you see and feel yourself. My goal is to have you walk proud and with your head up, knowing your worth, from inside out.

Root to rise

Holistic Body-Mind approach

Studies show that for lasting results, any change we want to bring to our lives has to happen both in our minds, as well in the less conscious parts of our nervous system. We will use body based techniques to learn and reprogram neural and thought patterns to bring you results you want.

As Unique as you are

You are unique and so the program we will walk you through will reflect that. We are all at different stages of our journey as well as our journey of self exploration. My coaching program will be tailored to your skin.


All my direct coaching programs are designed for lasting and sustainable change. That's why they don't end after 3 months - but include 4 support check-in after another 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

What is included?

1:1 Coaching

Initial 90 minute deep dive 1-1 Session

We will use this Deep dive set out our plans and do a body image and confidence audit as well as set up goals for our work together.

3 months of weekly 1-1 60 minute coaching sessions 

We will progress through the material in your own pace, add elements to nourish you as needed -  do somatic, mindset and self development work. 

Ongoing 4x 60 Minute Check-in Support Sessions after the intensive part is over are there to make sure yo continue implementing and enjoying what you've learnt.

The support you need

24 hr Support available via messages, calls and private Facebook group.
Life happens and you will be fully supported on your journey.

Individualised movement and nutrition and meditation plan.
The goal of this plan will not be to restrict you, but the nourish your body and your soul. By the end of this course, you will never need another diet plan ever again.

Life Access

Lifetime access to a growing library of materials, including: 

  • Video and journaling materials and workbooks.
  • Video of guided movement sessions, including yoga, restorative and somatic classes.
  • Audio and video recordings of meditations


Got questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

The program is for you if you struggle with living in your body – this can mean struggles with your body image, body weight, guilt around food or lack of self confidence. 

It’s for you if you struggle with showing your body in places like gym, beach, poolside or even in intimacy. It’s for you if you feel like your self confidence is stopping you from achieving things you want to do and achieve in life. 

The  problem with the diet culture is that it’s goal is to never get you results that will last. The objective of this program is to get you off the roller coaster and change your brain so you never have to go back to dieting.

This program is based on science. And if you follow it in its entirety, you will see and maintain positive changes.

Research in neuroscience and trauma has proven that in order to make and maintain positive changes in life, changes and new patterns have to be created in both our conscious minds (new parts of brain like prefrontal cortes) and in our mammalian and reptilian brains (limbic system). These evolutionary older parts of our brain are accessed via movement, rhythm and breathing methods. 

This method is also based on research done in social sciences and change management – helping to make transition to your new way of being long term.

So if you have tried and failed making lifestyle changes in your life before, this likely because you either didn’t engage all parts of your brain, or failed to support yourself long term through natural change journey.  

If you are struggling with chronic pain, autoimmune disease, you are pre-diabetic, or you have other issues, this program can support you on your healing journey or work alongside your treatment plan to manage symptoms. 

All activities are tailored to your physical needs, and you can book a call to discuss your personal circumstances and learn if the program would be beneficial for you.

At all times, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice. 

The full program is designed to take intensive 3 month work, followed by more exercises, practices and 3 check-in calls in the following 4, 9, 12 months to keep you well and steady on track. 

The time investment will be entirely up to you. Over the course of first three months, you can expect to invest a couple of hours per week. Afterwards, you may find that you need to invest a little bit less time to maintain your progress. 

For a real and long term change, it’s important to create time and commitment to the full program. The Full Body Trust Program is developed to take you from where you are to the new you. 

However, you can buy a pack of 3- 5 coaching sessions to make a break-through or to process a specific event and move through important times in your life.  

Yes. You can plan and schedule your self paced journey at the beginning of the program. However, it’s recommended to not extended the intensive part of the training past 4-5 months.

The full year program will be priced at $2500. This includes 3 months of intensive weekly 60 minute 1-1 calls, lifetime access to video and audio materials. After the intensive program is over, the training will include another 4x 60 minute check in and intention setting calls and materials to support you in integrating what you have learnt in your life. 

However an early bird discount will be available for enrolments in July 2020. Further discount may be available when paying in full.

Yes. The payments can be split into 3 payments of $1100.

You will receive a first Calibration session for free.

With the program you will have access to materials and will receive personal 1-1 coaching sessions. This is why full refund won’t be possible.

However, to provide you with a guarantee, and because I am truly confident this method will bring you real results, if you will feel that the program is not for you after first two weeks after starting, and you will also show you have completed the exercises and homework, the course fee will be returned.


Everybody is different and everyone has different bodies and routines, but if you will follow the program, you will see big changes in your life and relationship to your body.