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Step into your
Full Body Trust

Learn to know and trust your body so you never have to:

  • Go on a diet again

  • Push yourself to exercise when you lack motivation

  • Feel the need to restrict and control your appetite

  • Feel out of place at a gym or a yoga or movement class

  • Feel you have no control over your body or emotions

  • Lack motivation and confidence


  • Learn to be YOU fully and without apology

  • Learn techniques to take care of your needs – physically and emotionally

  • Learn to be in tune with your body and stabilise your weight at your optimal point 

  • Listen to your internal cues to develop movement and eating regime based on your internal balance

  • Learn how to work with your emotions and calm your nervous system

  • Use neuroscience techniques to train your brain to gain  conscious ability to work with challenges and lack of motivation

  • Get new confidence in your abilities and body that you never thought you could access

  • Learn how to make these changes stick long term

You are unique. Unprecedented. Unrepeatable.

"Tara Judelle"

This is a quote from one of my dear teachers and it is at heart of how I work with my students and clients.

The work and results we will do together will be different and unique for each one of my clients. However, here are my key principles.

Full Body Trust

Explore your body and mind and watch yourself bloom into the magnetic, radiant yourself that you are.

Radical Self Care

Daily self care is a priority. You will be done with controlling your body through diet or exercise - you will learn to nurture and move your body as a natural expression of your wellness.

Self Confidence

Inner mindset work done together with gentle movement will change the way you see and feel yourself. My goal is to have you walk proud and with your head up, knowing your worth, from inside out.

Holistic Body-Mind approach

Studies show that for lasting results, any change we want to bring to our lives has to happen both in our minds, as well in the less conscious parts of our nervous system. We will use body based techniques to learn and reprogram neural and thought patterns to bring you results you want.

As Unique as you are

You are unique and so the program we will walk you through will reflect that. We are all at different stages of our journey as well as our journey of self exploration. My coaching program will be tailored to your skin.


All my direct coaching programs are designed for lasting and sustainable change. That's why they don't end after 3 months - but include 4 support check-in after another 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Step into your full body trust

This program is unlike anything you have done before.
Whole brain approach

To really make changes in our lives, we need to work with both your conscious and unconscious part of your brain that controls instincts and emotions. 

Not working with these unconscious parts of your personality is the reason why most diets & lifestyle changes fails. 

When working with me, we will use the power of our emotional brains to get you results you want.

Nourishment & Self Care

This program flips on it’s head the usual fitness or diet advice. In fact 90% of diets and dieters fail. Restriction simply doesn’t work long term.

Focusing on self care, self nourishment and self trust, we make long term changes achievable and easy. We will use visualisation, meditation and movement to train yourself to trust and care for yourself.

Long-term support

This program is based on proven change management methodologies designed to implement changes for long-term benefits.

This program has an intensive 3 months component to kick-start changes in your life and implement powerful habits and tools. 

After 3 months, you will move into the integration mode- but will continue to be supported for long-term benefits.

The journey