Protect your focus

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and a little out of whack with all that’s going on right now.

Should you keep calm and carry on? Should you do (insert your endless to do list) ?

I don’t have all the answers, heck!

But I was talking to a few of you recently and I realised many of us struggle to know what to do, and what to focus on. This is hard at any normal day in a normal year, but with the slow and long build of COVID this year, it’s becoming harder and harder.

Here are my top takeaways that I hope will help you navigate this time

1 – Focus means deciding what you need to drop. Give yourself a permission to drop everything that doesn’t feel quite right.

2 – Less is more. if you can’t be fully available / present or deliver your best, then drop it

3- Focus is so so so valuable these days. Protect it.

Your focus is really valuable. Protect it.

How are you handling deciding what to focus on these days? Share with me in the comments

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