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I will teach you to feel more alive and comfy in your skin than you ever imagined.

I have studied movement and yoga for many years. I am a certified 500 hours teacher, trained by Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons in the Embodied Flow School, as well as Mark Breadner in Yoga Coach School among many others. I am also a certified meditation teacher and a master reiki practioner and teacher.
I also have a diploma in nutrition and I am trained in coaching and certified in change management.
I want to help you  transform your relationships to your bodies and to gain confidence and trust in yourselves. My Full Body Trust method is unique because unlike most programs it doesn’t just focus on mindset or just on fitness – it is designed to work holistically both your mind and your body. You learn to listen and respond to it’s signals in a very attuned way.  
In my work, I combine techniques that work with your conscious mind as well as your body and your nervous system. I combine techniques based on the science of yoga and meditation with somatic stress release, movement and meditation and intuitive eating techniques to get you results in your body and in your mind.I am also using techniques used in organisational change management and change psychology to help you transform and get long term results.
This is not a cookie cutter method and we will work together to develop a model that will work for you. The blueprint for your confidence and wellness that we will develop in this training will be as unique as you are.

Barbora Lukacz


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