Being brave

Making a first step is hard. Trusting in your own self instinct is even harder. A friend has recently asked me for help – she asked: how can I come back to wellness? I need some tips on what I can do.
It turned out my friend already knew what are the things she should do. She had subscription with yoga places just running out and waiting for her to come back in. She knew yoga channels, she knew what to eat. She already knew all of this, but there were work duties, family duties and a probably a lot of doubts preventing her from starting.

She needed a friend to say – hey, what you need matters. Your health and wellness matters. it’s important that you create time and space for yourself if this is what you need to feel well. Yes, you need to put effort in, but it will come  back ten times over. With so many external things preventing you from starting, it takes a lot of trust and strength to say – this is important to me. All the other things will have to move a little bit to create space for this in my life.

Doing something for the first time apparently burns about 20 times more energy in your brain than following an old habit. A new thought takes 10 times longer to appear in your consciousness than the old one. Our brains like habits, because they save energy and keep us safe.
This brain’s inclination to what it knows is a very effective survival mechanism, but it’s not designed to get you inspired and get you to be the best version of you. So if there is something you have been wishing to create space for, to find courage to do, or to step outside of your comfort zone – don’t be fooled by your brain telling you to stay put.  Your needs matter. Your instinct matters. Be brave, put in the work and follow your instinct.

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