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You are Enough - 3 weeks course

You Are Enough Practice to TRUST, FEEL and EMBODY being in the shoes of your best, the most powerful version of YOU - free of feelings of self doubt or inadequacy. In this results oriented course, you will get a step by step guidance to achieve things you never thought you could. Prepare your brain and nervous system to feel strong and supported and own your power, then flex your skills in real life challenges to bring real change to your life.

Learn to live, breathe and trust that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

This course is here to help you overcome that nagging feeling of not being good enough and get rock solid confidence that you can feel deep down in your bones - right when you need it. 
Here is what you get: - 3 Empowering Meditations - 3 Baby Steps Challenges to get you moving towards your goal Journaling Prompts to help you rewrite your old stories & patterns for each week - Supportive Private Facebook Community & - Personalised coaching