2 Simple Steps to be free from feeling of not being good enough

Overcome feeling of not being good enough
You know that nagging feeling you get when you are trying something new? That feeling that you are not good enough? Are you always trying to overcome the fact that you don’t know enough, you don’t have enough experience, you are not smart enough, strong enough, skilled enough, charismatic enough, you are not enough? That feelings tops some of the most talented people from stepping up and becoming leaders and sharing what they know.
The good news is – everyone knows that feeling. Some of the smartest people I have ever met believe they are not good enough.
The most important, first step for for you to become free frorm this feeling is to admit it to yourself out loud – I feel I am not good enough.
This thought, brought to light, said out loud, felt fully in your body. Often, when a belief is held deeply inside, we won’t question it. It is a belief we created long time ago- probably when we were children – and took it for true since then.
See, I was there too. It was so deep inside, it wasn’t even a conscious thought, often, just a nagging sensation. But when I took this though out to light – and properly examined it – I realised this belief is questionable at best. Also, it can’t be true at all times.
Because truth is no one is perfect. No one knows everything, no gets everything right. See, I am absolutely comfortable not being perfect. Not having flaws, not knowing things, needing things, that is ok. It actually awesome.
So try it. Say to yourself – I am not perfect. I make these and these mistakes. I need so much of this and this to feel well.
I am ok with with making mistakes, In fact I learning new things. Great, Well done.
The second step to break free from this feeling is to say:
Well. I am not perfect, but – I have a lot of value to share. I know a lot of things that helpful. I have good judgement. I have skills, talents, knowledge, heart that I want to share.
The second step is to say – I trust myself. I trust in my skills, knowledge, intuition.
Because I am not perfect, but I have lot of value to share – and that is enough.
I hope this helps my friends – let me know what this questions means and triggers for you and what works to overcome it for yourself.

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