Are you feeling nurtured today?

I have always been such a night owl, but recently I have been loving starting my day early.

I meditate, have my coffee and I move. Some days I have a goal and I put hard work into my yoga practice. On other days, I know – I’ve been putting a little too much pressure on myself recently, so I just put some music on and all I want is to just be there and move slowly.  This is time for me to process and to feel free. There is nothing else to do. I love those moments the most.
One of my dear friends told me about her walks in the afternoon and how important they became for her. She has been working long hours recently and these daily walks with her audiobook helped her to get some sunshine and movement into her day and to restore her energy so she could sustain her long working hours.

It doesn’t have to be a big effort or look like anything similar to what other people do. Just a daily moment for you to catch a breath process and restore. How are you taking care of yourself? Are you feeling safe to express your emotions and needs – to yourself and those around you ?
Create space for yourself. To be. To feel. To process.

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