Find strength and motivation when your tank is running low

Have you ever felt like you are barely pushing though or lacking motivation and strength to do anything, not to mention to actually take care of your own health, or mind?

Internal Resources for resilience and personal power

Recently I have been talking to a client about internal resources we have and can tap into when we encounter adversity of difficult situations. 

We often are a little blind to all those things we have that can support us. We feel isolated, gripping or powerless. This makes us turn to ourselves and close down because we feel we don’t have juice or or we have to power through. This then stops us from taking part in life and having fulfilling relationships.
After talking to the client, I actually thought I need to do this exercise myself as my going though some transformations myself.

So I wrote and journaled and identified my sources of support.

It just made so so full of love and gratitude. I could I forget how much I have and how blessed I am – people around, my community, my health, my skills.

What things you can use to support you?

So maybe you need to hear this today- the resources and support are probably there for you and there is more than you think.

Here are some ideas of things you can use to suport you:

  • Your relationships

  • Your skills

  • Your brains / intelligence

  • Sense of humour

  • Tools like yoga & meditation
 If you would like to dive into this practice, you can download this Free resource guide to help with your reflection and journalling process.